By: modyfier

Feb 13 2008

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after being bombarded with a slew of low energy music for the last couple years, we figured the current minimal scene needed bit of a kick in the ass. actually, the vibe on this release is similar to our live sets…stripped-down mid-90’s swinging business with up to date sound design.

we created a sketch for the track in FL using battery and few vintage style synths and then took it into logic to dynamically enhance the overall mix (especially the hand clap breakdown).

the vocal was taken from a random mic session recorded in our studio between ourselves and drumcell. after 30 minutes of nonsensical rambling and joking we ended up keeping the “LETS GET WEIRD THEME” which was influenced by drugged out moments encountered at way too many delusional afterhours. that’s when we dumped it into logic and completed the sequence around the vocal using freaked out efex to add to the overall weirdness of the track. *weird you*.

vidal & vangelis vargas – acid circus

3 comments on “”

  1. This is fantastic. Shuffley, funky, and deep. Also, that kick drum is delicious.

  2. minimalist from Belgium , Ghent , send you his best greetzzz and love , verry nice song , they love it over here. Yuuu

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