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Nov 20 2007

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When I am in the studio, my process for making a track or recording a mix are usually totally different. In both cases, I always have an imaginary crowd in front of me…it’s a crowd that gives me inspiration.

Rationalism is more present when making a studio mix while intuition is essential during a live performance (and also an important part of it). It can depend on the club, on the people, on the location…It’s like there is an alchemy between myself and the audience.

During a live set I try to take people on a journey. From the warm up to the pick time, musical waves bring different moods and give movement to the set.

” I’m a dj, I am what I play, I play what I am.”

01. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli ft Elif Bicer I Turn Around I Osgut Ton Cassy I Soul Savior I Perlon
02. Audio Werner I Before I Hello? Repeat

03. Sven Uk & Andomat 3000 I Salt & Pepper I Platzhirsch

04. Lauhaus & Chaptal I Freedom Fries I Remote Area

05. Plastikman I Nostalgik 3 (Guido Schneider Remix) I Minus

06. Hosh I Drums of Spring I Diynamic

07. Quenum I Alacanto I Orac

08. Ds I Orangefood (Jens Zimmermann Rmx) I Snork

09. Ricardo Villalobos I Can’t Sleep (Zoexenia Remix) I Connaisseur

10. Shindoe I Feel the Space (Julien Chaptel Remix) I 100% Pure

11. Goldseries 3 I Promo

12. Federico Molinari I Enerverende (Damian Schwartz Remix) I Oslo

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  1. absolut fabulous!!thx for this amazing mix!!

  2. hey .. if i have a set made by me .. u can upload it on your blog? ..only if you like it ..cuz i`ll give a link to you download and listen 🙂 . kinder

  3. GREAT SET LUCA!! I like the begining the most and from min 29 always keep that groove that makes you moooveee!!Thanx for this!!.Emill de moreu

  4. hi,really dig the site. check out some of my remixes? sfj from the new yorker dug them:http://tago-mago.netit's essentially my mix blog, so please feel free to post a link in your blogroll if you’d like

  5. hello all…thanks for the support. and to those of you that might be interested in contributing, you can drop me a line at and we can take it from there.

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