By: modyfier

Sep 07 2007

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inspired by the writings of modyfier, i chose for this track much more soft sounds and filled in lots of voice samples from movies and radio. i wanted to make a track that wasn’t too aggressive but still rolling…so you can concentrate on reading the site alongside.

then – this always happens to me – the machines take over. as soon as i have some sounds, a kind of unexplainable self process starts. it is like i make the basics, and the rest happens automatically. i can explain it like someone hands me the rest of the puzzle pieces and i make them fit together. i used reaktor for “process part 041 (transitional voices)” and some sounds of the korg mx. my studio was flooded at the this time so i was dependent on my laptop and some little bits of gear.

3 comments on “”

  1. deep and beautiful. thanks so much for this.

  2. awsm duo, btw I enjoyed process024::[a]pendics.shuffle so much that it ended being my first booking ever, looking fwrd to it the 22nd, thnx for the inspiration ,)

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