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Aug 25 2007

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The mix came all by itself in a week where nothing was really working. I started by layering tracks together, trying to find some sort of storyline and narrative progression. As I was working in Ableton to find my tracklist, I then got involved into editing most of the tracks I wanted to use. As I was building the mix, things went on as 3 or more tracks would always be playing, creating a new track by itself.

I really focus on finding my own pleasure by mixing music I really like. I remember reading on forum boards how people are into mixes where they hope to hear unreleased material or a bunch of hits. I thought that it was all silly. I’m definitely more interested in a good, warm groove and an enlightening subject (melody, sound, fx). I don’t like tightness either. I think mistakes leave a human side too, as Herbert would say. I also just let things come and left some unexpected mistakes in, such as playing by mistake, a track by Ulrich…an amusing moment that, somehow, felt good, too. Why not? It’s my mix.

01. D-fine & Nabas – “Selling Souls (Pheek edit)” (Underline)
02. Stewart Walker – “Fernbank 91 (Robag Wruhme remix)” (Persona)
03. Louderbach – “Scattered from the Inside (Ryan Crosson Remix)” (Underline)
04. Drunkat – “Scalextrix” (Toy Box Records)
05. Drunkat – “Tragabolas” (Toy Box Records)
06. Liuiu Graza – “Pink Suit Thriller” (Num Records)
07. Chloe – “Suspended (Broke remix)” (Kill the DJ)
08. Ultrakurt – “Soutabash” (Minibar)
09. Eric Jonston – “Headphone Hairstyle (Pheek edit)” (Wolf + Lamb)
10. Kramer – “Sonne ist da” (Get Physical)
11. Suedmilch – “Gib Mir Mehr” (Autist records)
12. The Mountain People – “Mountain 004 (Pheek edit)” (Mountain People)
13. Ulrich Schnauss – “In Between the Years” (Independante)
14. Oliver Hacke – “Track 87” (A touch of class)
15. Joel Mull – “Enter Your Moment” (Harthouse)
16. Zentex – “Jenga (Pheek edit)” (Unreleased)
17. Liebe ist Cool – “Elfgardens” (unreleased)
18. Digitaline – “Anticlockwise (Pheek edit)” (Cadenza)
19. Mathias Kaden – “Obeah” (Vakant)
20. Ricardo Villalobos – “Drummolator” (Perlon)
21. Serafin – ” Berlin has no cows (Pheek edit” (Mountain People)
22. Marco Erre – “Fixed” (Unknown)
23. Boris Werner & Lauhaus – “Legeres” (Remote Area)
24. Kabale und Liebe & Lauhaus – “Makake” (Unreleased)
25. Liebe ist Cool – “Nodes of Oz (Pheek edit)” (Unreleased)
26. Efdemin – “April Fools (Pheek edit)” (Dial)

5 comments on “”

  1. damn nice set Pheek!!

  2. This thing is brilliant…beautifully done! Thanks 🙂

  3. Favorite. That Oliver Hacke track is the bee’s knees.

  4. So awesome… Pheek never lets us down!This is one sweet mix — thanks for posting and keep up the great Modyfier initiative!:-)Cheers,Ron Erredmek

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