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Jul 05 2007

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All over the highest and wildest mountains of Kyrgyzstan and through thy holy winds of arctic transhumance blowing in the darkest forests of northern Sweden, unintelligible mumbles are heard, growing and gathering into a giant thumb of fear and despair eager to slap the strings of the big bass of life.

So rejoice, as Clems, Oli, Ed & Mikhail step beyond the decks to release the humungous cry of relief you weird and bizarre folks have been waiting for since the day Miss Kittin read the Bible on reverse on that 36-hour long Merzbow track which was supposed to be dubbed into a 73-days edit by Radio Slave weeks later, none of which actually ever happened because of a dramatic affair of sample clearance which remains unspoken to this day.

Still, you probably never heard of this peculiar foursome, so be in the know, punk : Clems, Oli, Ed & Mikhail are part of the wildest bunch you’ll ever find on the jackin’ side of blog-dome. Along with Lelo, another sassy Parisian sporting a decadent moniker, a very personal sense of elegance and mastering the most obscure codes of French art-de-vivre, they run Get The Curse, the only blog on earth where justice is just a word, a 24/7 hi-standard restroom for house criminals and electro fugitives, an hacienda of love for the unloved. Are you actually reading this shit ? Go check the boys at work on this exclusive mix and experience dignity, you uncivilized animals.

01. tiefschwarz – trouble man (ruede hagelstein remix)

02. jerk – disccoorgel
03. aquilina & venturi – 3 hours
04. final cut – take me away (troxler and curtis mix)
05. mark broom -wizz
06. chrisitan burkhardt – kreiskollaps rmx (federico molinari)
07. marc antona & anthony collins – sharks
08. hertz – astatine
09. maskio
10. kid dub – angry car
11. jd – anything groovin
12. ortzroka – bulb fuel
13. dusty kid – milk

6 comments on “”

  1. awesome mix (as usual) it made my day!

  2. Really tight mix! superb especially when it all kicks off at 45mins! wasnt expecting that but works so well 🙂 VERY NICE!

  3. Glad you like it…The track at the 45th minute is by Kid Dub who’s got some releases on Definitive coming up, check out his myspace!

  4. one word – amazing!Now this is a mix 🙂

  5. Final Explosion with Dusty Kid !

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