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Jun 25 2007

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shaping content…



…:::… from ‘the shape of content‘ by ben shahn:

the subconscious may greatly shape one’s art; undoubtedly it does so. but the subconscious cannot create art. the very act of making is an intending one; thus to intend and at the same time relinquish intention is a hopeless contradiction, albeit one that is exhibited on every hand.

i’ve been thinking about how i come to know things and why it is i make. and then i turn that off and just get to making, and everything, with wonder & magic, changes….:::…

download: 070625-modyfier-part01

luci – fantex : apr 2007 on titbit music
ben mono – beatbox feat. capitol a (kalbata remix) : jun 2007 on compost
krak street boyz – street power : may 2007 on tuning spork family affair
djazzy & alex santos – the look into your eyes (phonique remix) : jun 2007 on stir 15
paco osuna – freak : may 2007 on wow!
gabriel black – atmosphere (q-burns abstract message remix) : jun 2007 on eight tracks
lincoln six echo – nevada dub : jun 2007 on plastic city
funzion – random mood girl (butane remix) : may 2007 on alphahouse
dachshund – lariam side effect : may 2007 on num
prosumer & murat tepeli – what makes you go for it : may 2007 on ostgut ton
the chap – space = volume (pier bucci remix) : jun 2007 on loeb
matthew dear – shy : jun 2007 on ghostly international
davor o. – moka bay (juho kahilainen modern pop remix) : may 2007 on home made electronica

download: 070625-modyfier-part02

delta 7even – dao : may 2007 on 32 bit records
alec troniq – passengers : jun 2007 on etui records
chaim – c factor (audio sould project remix) : may 2007 on missive music
david k – incoming (motorcitysoul mix) : jun 2007 on tsuba
lee curtiss – over the influence : jun 2007 on dumb unit
novox – one night stand : jun 2007 on plasteline
girresse & erb – how : jun 2007 on connaisseur recordings
agnes – controversial advantages (ripperton’s game set & match remix) : jun 2007 on respoal red
blake – rock over you (paolo martini remix) : jun 2007 on ocean dark
simon baker & infant – plastik : jun 2007 on playhouse
paul brtschitsch – rude knox : jun 2007 on root knox
tolga fidan – tanbulistan : jun 2007 on vakant

8 comments on “”

  1. YES. a new selection. was waiting for this. thank you. you are great.

  2. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this wonderful blog, it really is appreciated :)I especially like ‘lariam side effect’ by dachshund, it’s awesome!

  3. your insight is effective and real. thank you. this is something shared, and i will share. love, lele

  4. Hi Raina… it’s Christian here, Justin Cipriani’s brother… we’ve met here and there over the past few years. He showed me your site, it’s really cool! Check out my podcast and pass along anything you dig… well,C

  5. Raina as always, deep textures never boring always new layers foundalways find in your posts dark is the new light….made a “shaping content” content mix will post the upload link on this comments column soonhope u’ll like my salad:)

  6. inspired by modyfier -shaping content001 – funzion – random mood girl002 – luci – fantex003 – balke – rock over you (paolo martini remix)004 – ben mono feat. capitol a. – beatbox (kalbata remix)005 – chaim – c factor (audio soul project remix)006 – tolga fidan – tanbulistan007 – davor o. – moka bay (juho kahilainen modern pop remix)008 – gabriel black – atmosphere (q-burbs abstract message)009 – alec troniq – passengers010 – paul brtschitsch – rude knox011 – simon baker & infant – plastik012 – david k – incoming (motorcitysoul mix)013 – paco osuna – freak014 – dachshund – lariam side effect015 – tiger stripes – hookedt.t:66:38

  7. thanks for your comments, interpretations…

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