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Jun 20 2007

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this selection was made in 20 minutes on traktor then edited on wavelab while my two kids (louis 6, gabin 3) were playing in the bath. this mix is made of slow/ambient/ childish/naive/sad songs + some kids choirs (i like the innocence of their voices as much as i like brian wilson’s voice). the first part of the mix can work if your kids have trouble getting to sleep, the end is more about freaky/trippy/analogic stuff. i like the idea that the music you hear before falling asleep influences your dreams. i also think that music for children doesn’t have to be always joyful (because life isn’t). appearing in disorder : belbury poly, nobukazu takemura, jeremy dower, the focus group, yamasuki, nino nardini, michael andrews, tipsy and more stuff that i already can’t remember…have a good night, guillermo (dirty sound system)

download: guillaume sorge – process part028: quiet music for wild children

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  1. You were mixing while your kids were in the bath?! I can see he court article now-‘The defendant claimed he didn’t realize the slow/ambient music he played lulled his children sleepily under the warm sudsy water’.Wouldn’t work on my son though; I’ve tried playing a similar mix (add in Les Baxter & such to what you got there)but no. Little fecker prefers the “Bob The Builder” theme & dance classic “I Like To Move It” Philistine.I’m gonna try your one though; one can always hope 🙂

  2. EDIT-I don’t mean drown him, just improve his taste in music!

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