By: modyfier

Apr 27 2007

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…:::…i realize how much at i grasp at things sometimes…reaching out a clenched fist while trying to take hold of something. i forget how to open my fingers, knuckles hinged…locked into a habitual rigor mortis…

and in these times there is the image of a riverbank that persists…of struggling in the current to hold on to a root that grows out loosely there…it is only near exhaustion, when i finally choose to let go, that i realize i should have done this long ago. for suddenly i find myself full of breath and laughter and i am buoyant and still within all this movement and flow. i find a parallel velocity…and instead of a loud rushing, all i hear is a most beautiful sound all around…:::…

download: 070428-modyfier01

pele – childhoods end (kollektiv turmstrasse remix) : apr 2007 on connoisseur superieur
daze maxim – spunaround : apr 2007 on kahlwild
discemi – data sapiens (radio slave remix) : apr 2007 on rekids
hammerschmidt & lentz – knospen im osten (neal white remix) : apr 2007 on religio audio
adam marshall – beso jodid : apr 2007 on thema
pan-pot – what is what : apr 2007 on mobilee records
alex smoke – rotwang : apr 2007 on vakant
jitzu & sire g – answering service (niko schwind busy mix) : apr 2007 on autist records
alexkid – love letters (tim paris version) : apr 2007 on f communications
musex – consolador de trapo : apr 2007 on minuendo
kidscience – the lights : apr 2007 on brique rouge

download: modyfier-part02

dieter krause & deepak sharma – gotham nights : apr 2007 on hidden recordings
sebo k & metro – transit (king britt scuba remix) : apr 2007 on get physical music
marco da mata & robbie lamos – easy watching : apr 2007 on acid milk recordings
juho kahilainen – sleeping with the lizards (mymy remix) : apr 2007 on bpitch control
minilogue – birdsong : apr 2007 on wagon repair
manuel tur – acorado (will saul & tam cooper remix) : apr 2007 on freerange records
sex in dallas & biladoll – hit back bow (isolee remix) : apr 2007 on record makers
tim xavier – sleep agent (tractile remix) : apr 2007 on moodgadget records
kaiser souzai – to the beat (chopstick remix) : apr 2007 on rotor recordings

5 comments on “”

  1. In my view, there aren’t many better things to emulate than water.

  2. :). yup. i’m just all liquid lately…running through cupped fingers.

  3. help!!! someone is crashing my bandwidth….there are a crazy number of downloads going on with the 070428-modyfier-part01…if someone has cut and pasted this link somewhere else…please please please don’t do that or i won’t be posting anything at all…ok? ok.

  4. Can this two parts be uploaded again?Thanks modyfier, keep’em coming!!!

  5. salvador…email me for a direct link… 🙂

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