nick catchdubs – process part 007


Setup: two Technics 1200 turntables, Rane TTM-56 mixer, Serato Scratch.

I had originally recorded a different, much slower set to send in, but sat and listened to it for a while and realized that I liked the songs but wanted to give something with more energy. I recorded this quickly on Sunday night, just a batch of recent and not so recent favorites that I have been playing out a lot.

Some notes on what and why: Blaq Starr isn’t going to sound right on computer speakers, it’s almost all sub bass. Too bad, that shit is crazy. The bounciness of the Rapture remix really fits with it, so I just ran that for a while underneath. “The Ha Dance” is from 1991 and sounds perfect. I wouldn’t have known that when it came out (I was 10, and didn’t even know there was such a thing as house music until “Witch Doktor” came out a few years later) but it is. Just saying. I wish more tracks were so simple and noisy and danceable. (Also: Louie Vega opening the Superbowl?!? Yow.) I was thinking about playing the original “Plastic Dreams” after that – there’s also a Baltimore club version by DJ Patrick that is very good – but went with the Switch version instead. Krames is a dude from Richmond, VA who I’ve DJed with a few times, and he flipped a track from the last Busta Rhymes album into “How We Do It Over Hur.” The original version is kind of unremarkable but this one supercharges it in a clever way. Also there’s some vocals to get us out of the rave cave. Speaking of “Witch Doktor,” the new Armand Van Helden song is a nice surprise – I’ve been playing the Stretch Armstrong version because it has a tempo change in the middle which makes for an easy transition to slower stuff. The Knife song is one of my favorites of last year, didn’t get into the whole album, but that one song just cooks. And what better way to go out of a Martian pop song than with a moon rock from E-40? “Da Dummy” is produced by his son Droop E and a good way to go out big – it makes for a short mix, but it felt right to end there.

nick catchdubs – process part 007 by modyfier

01. DJ Blaq Starr f Rye Rye “Shake It To The Ground” [Mad Decent]
02. The Rapture, “W.A.Y.U.H. (Claude VonStroke remix)” [Universal]
03. Masters At Work, “The Ha Dance” [Cutting Records]
04. Jaydee, “Plastic Dreams (Switch remix)” [Art & Craft]
05. Krames, “How We Do It Over Hur” [white]
06. Armand Van Helden f Fat Joe “Touch Your Toes (Stretch Armstrong remix)” [white]
07. The Knife, “We Share Our Mother’s Health” [Mute]
08. E-40 f Stressmatic, “Da Dummy” [Sick Wid It]

5 comments on “nick catchdubs – process part 007”

  1. You’ve made a fan of me.

  2. good stuff – i like this process series.

  3. word nick!big ups.

  4. Hello from Acid Milk Rec. ;))

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