christian martin – process part 003


When I construct a mix, I usually have about six months of new songs banging around in my head. I don’t always strive for the newest of the new – sometimes I’ll hear an amazing song and a year will go by before I find a place for it in a mix.The transitions between tracks are just as important to me as the tracks themselves. I had some early trouble with clunky mixes between great songs in this mix – Ableton Live saved the day, as always.Ultimately, my goal is to assemble a group of songs that inspire me and humble me; songs that reveal something new even after dozens of listens. I want to be able to hear these tracks in a club, a car, or someone’s living room at 3pm after a warehouse party.

christian martin – process part 003 by modyfier

01. Vincenzo – Valium [Liebe Detail]
02. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Far Away [Crosstown Rebels]
03. Christian Martin – Tom Waits [unreleased]
04. Jimpster – Square Up [Buzzin Fly]
05. Khia – My Neck, My Back (acapella)
06. Alter Ego – Blow [Klang Elektronik]
08. Claude Vonstroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit? (Three Channels remix) [dirtybird]
09. Christian Martin – Wolf Eels & Moon Snails [unreleased]
10. Moloko – Statues (Martin Buttrich remix) [Echo]
11. Cobblestone Jazz – Dump Truck [Wagon Repair]
12. Claude VonStroke – Killah [CDR]
13. Martin Buttrich – Cloudy Bay [Pokerflat]
14. Hot Chip – No Fit State (Audion remix) [EMI UK]
15. Minilogue – Hitchhiker’s Choice [Crosstown Rebels]
16. Square One – Vesuvius (Justin Martin’s ‘I Hope It Doesn’t Blow’ Mix) [Freerange Records]
17. Mikael Weil – Silmarions (Claude Vonstroke Bavarian Ferrari Mix) [True to Form]
18. Tracey Thorn – It’s All True (Martin Buttrich remix) [Astralwerks]

6 comments on “christian martin – process part 003”

  1. nice picks, can’t wait to hear CM’s mix!!!(even though I have many of the tracks 🙂

  2. Christian Martin – Tom Waits [unreleased]wow this track is dope!

  3. great mixing / and great trax ! 10+

  4. any chance we could get this re-uped?please?

  5. If you missed this mix you can find it here: just found out about this great blog meself 😉

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